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Human Health Diagnostics (HuHD) is a US-based company engaged in marketing of key cutting edge technologies and development of innovative technical solutions to address diagnostic and biomedical needs. We are sole distributors of SACACE products in US. We provide sales and service of these product in US. HuHD diagnostics has teamed with several world class laboratories and businesses to provide such solutions. We have licensed technologies from NIH, Department of Navy,Department of Energy and other prestigious institutions in the US. HuHD provides inovative solutions, reagents and implementation of key technologies based on Real Time PCRs, Elisa, Chemotheraphy and Cancer therapeutic 

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Candida albicans/Candida glabrata/Candida krusei Multiplexing Real Time PCR


 Sacace Brands 

Ureaplasma parvum/Ur. urealyticum/M. hominis Multiplexing Real Time PCR


Sacace Brands 

Fully Automated High yield Nucleic acid Extraction System Manufactured by Sacace Biotechnologies


State of Art Real time PCR System Manufactured by Sacace Biotechnologies



Bacterial Vaginosis reagents



QPCR Essentials


Universal  QPCR Internal Control


PCR Water Qualified

AIGS Platorm

Sample preparation platform AIGS for quick automated sample preparation suitable for Molecular Diagnostics in collaboration  Contact us at for more information.

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Assay Development, Assay Qualifications and Provide Custom Reagents Suitable for any Laboratory Derived Tests

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